Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Amelia at four months

In an effort not to abandon this blog completely, I give you pictures of my darling Amelia. She is four (almost five) months old and I love her more and more every day. She weighs 13 pounds, sleeps 11 hours every night without waking up, she laughs, coos, loves receiving kisses, and blows bubbles all day long. Reading a book or singing a song always makes her smile. She still has super sensitive skin (just like mama!) and we go to the doctor at least once a month because of new bumps or rashes. She makes friends with everybody in line at the grocery store, she tried cantaloupe on Sunday (her first food!) and licked her lips for probably 20 minutes afterward.

My favorite thing in the world is getting her from her crib after naps, she lets out a big HA! and breaks into smiles.  

Amelia has the funniest hairline right now from sleeping, sitting, and all of her scalp treatments, but if you look closely, her hair is coming in so light and we have no idea where that's coming from. 

She never falls asleep while we hold her anymore. So this was a sweet moment with Aunt Jen who came to visit from Portland. It's funny how frustrated I used get when she would only sleep in my arms, and now that she sleeps in her crib, I miss those late night cuddles.

Jen and Timm came to visit from Portland, we took this picture right before they went home.

For our ward Halloween party, Amelia dressed up as little red riding hood, Ryan was the wolf, and I was the Granny.

Grandpa Jack, Dian, and Ralph all came to visit in October. Amelia loved the attention. 

And here is our sweet girl lounging around on her very first Halloween. 

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